Travian Game Review
Travian is a free and successful browser game. What's changing in this new version ofTravian? We are reviewing this new version of Travian for you.

Game Principle

Online browser game Travian is completely free. You arebuilding an empire in the game and exhibiting your strategies. First of all,the game gives you a small and quiet village. Your goal is to make this villagean empire with your talents and your tactics. At the same time you shouldestablish new armies and fight.

Manage Your Own People

In Travian game you choose one of 3 different people. Thesecommunities are Romans, Gauls and Germans. Of course, every community in thegame has its own characteristics. Romanities are more advantageous in buildingcities. The Gauls have the cheapest and fastest combatants of Travian. TheTeutons have very talented merchants and have almost invincible insignias.


Tactical Advantages

You have to choose the right one to take advantage of the Travian game. You need to do the research to find the right tactics. The Romans are weak about trade. For this reason, they may often experience famine. If youhave enough experience, we suggest you choose the Romans. For beginners, the most appropriate community is the Galileans. They have good merchants and their defense systems are very strong. There are also very fast warriors.

Heroes and Adventures

In the Travian game, each player has heroes to send tovarious missions. Heroes gain experience by performing tasks. The levels are also rising. For example, they may be defense premiums or fighting premiums.

Travian Game General Features

1- Travian is a totally free strategy game.

2- There are 3 groups you can choose in the game. These are Romans, Gauls and Germans.

3- Game graphics have been renewed according to the oldversions. It has become a game you can play with pleasure.

4- Travian has a hero system. Heroes have differentabilities and characteristics.

5- Trading is very important in Travian. The people in thevote have many merchants.

6- In Travian, players can shop. You can sell your own raw materials.

Travian Review Outcome

Travian, an online and free strategy game, is eyeing with its new version. If you have setup an empire as your target, the Travian game is for you.


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