Star Control Review
I recommend you to try this game, if you love starwars and funny interactions with aliens. This game has really beautiful artwork as well as good music. Again, if this all sounds like something up your alley give it a try let me know what you think down below. Happy space exploring Captains!

Star Control Review

Star Control is back with a new huge addition to the Star Control series, Star Control: Origins. Now after launching the game you are the Captian of Earths only interstellar ship. Your primary task is with finding out about the Lexites until the threat of alien annihilation rears its head in our solar system. It is up to you to explore the stars and find a way to stop this encroaching danger upon humanity. Are you ready to explore the celebrities? This is our Star Control: Roots review.

In Star Control: Origins you have the abilities to make friends with many aliens or cause trouble between you and aliens. There are some aliens you will have no choice but to have a turmoil with. In the main Adventure Mode, you will use these contacts to find out more about the Scryve and stop them from wiping out all humanity. To do so you will mine resources and upgrade your dispatch and lander to better combat the threat. Also recruiting new ships into your fleet is also another good idea  you will be doing. There are lots of funny aliens in the game. One of the very first you meet will be the Tywom and they want to hug all humans.  Each aliens ship and race is fairly unique. It has been so much fun discovering them.


Speaking of boats, in SC:O there is a ship designer. You can customize and build your own dispatch from many different items for Fleet Battles or your own crafted universe. The probability to make some very unique, one of a kind ships is there. It is possible to outfit these ships with weapons and all sorts of other goodies to make them either super tough or faulty. When done with creating those boats you can upload them to Steamworks for others to download as well as download other player made ships. A thing that did bug me about ship designer was that I could not figure out how to rotate the camera around my dispatch or if that is even possible. I think it would just be nice to get a full 360 view on the ship so I can make sure items are placed correctly in the right spot. It does have this option, but I couldn’t quite body it out.

Star Control: Roots comes with a slew of creative modes to make your crafted universe really something special.  Not only is there a ship designer, but you can also design your own buildings unique to your own custom-made alien races for your world. Yep, you heard me right custom alien races, along with dialogue and being able to art your own quests.  I can not wait to see the different type of aliens the community will make and new ventures I’ll be able to go on. Of course, along with this, you can edit planets as well. What would custom aliens be without their own custom world? Universe designing and world creating were not in the build I played so I’m not able to tell you about those in detail. If these are anything like the dispatch developer and building designer we can expect some good customization from those.

It is important to note that this is not a continuation or prequel to the previous games. That is a reboot of the Star Control series. If you have performed the original trilogy you will find fun in this just like with the initial. At least I have and I’ve played one out of the trilogy. Other races from the original trilogy can make their appearance. I have not run into any yet as this game can be quite massive with exploring and aspect quests.

Ship Combat:

The ship combat has been pretty interesting. Now as I’ve been discovering a lot I never have come across a lot of new weapons besides the ones I got for doing the trial missions on Ceres. In fight, the boats move at a fast pace. The fast speed and different weapons of the many different ships you come into contact with are what add the difficulty to battle. At the moment I can think it is because I don’t have significant upgrades to my ship, but in the beginning, your ship is a bit hard to control. I slip into so many asteroids while trying to turn during combat. Combat so far has been pretty fun, I have smacked down all of 3 aliens and looking forward to more fight with better improvements.

When looking at the map I can see there are numerous places to go to. Lots of exploration to be had. As someone who treasured Star Control II, Celebrity Control: Origins has been much fun and reminded me of things I missed about the old game while providing me new amazing and sometimes hilarious moments in the new game.

The year is 2088. Star Control has finally been formed years after the Lexites have left Earth to explore beyond the superstars. After something incomprehensible crashes on a nearby moon, you’re sent to investigate. There, you find a marooned dispatch from an alien race called the Tywom that have been watching your species for some time. Thankfully, they come in peace. However, you soon learn about the Scryve, who certainly do not come in serenity. And worse of all, they’re looking for you, human being.

You are the commander of the Flagship of Star Control. As commander, you’re tasked with exploring the universe, collecting resources from planets and moons, communicating with other varieties, and fighting said types if it comes down to it. Your assignments sound simple, but so could nuclear physics if you describe it the right way.

In the prologue, you’re greeted with a fetch-quest that serves as the game’s tutorial, but this doesn’t last long, and by the time it’s over, you’ve perfected how to regulate the ship and gotten your ft wet with fleet battles. The dispatch is controlled via tank settings, and using fuel, you propel your staff ahead through space. When you come across a world or its moon, it’s “scanned” and you’re given an overview of its weather, the materials on the surface, gravity, risks such as heat or toxicity, and an indication on if there is an unidentified object on the top.

Exploring a planet or moon has two phases. The first is the actual landing phase. Here, there are several rings that your lander must follow in order to land properly. Even if you go outside the bands, it’s okay, as long as you land in the green landing section. If you fail to land in this section, the lander will explode. This isn’t the end of the world as you can replace them, but it is the end of those five crew members’ lives. Fortunately, they can also be replaced.

The second part of exploration is a third-person camera style drive around the round surface of the planet. Around here are several materials that can be picked up, but there is a limit to how many you can carry, meaning you’ll have to make some choices on what not to bring, or make a second trip. Occasionally, there will be animal life and killer drones on the planets. The drones, of course, can kill your lander, but that’s where the cannons come in. Early on, you can find a module for your ship that allows your landers to take laser beams while on the surface. This is exactly what the lander needed, because it’s satisfying to blast away rocks to find rarer materials not listed such as gold, or take out the drones from behind without being seen first.

The unidentified objects vary in usefulness. Several of these objects are goal items, ruins, artifacts, or crashed boats. The ships can be taken back to Star Control and fixed up to become a part of your fleet. There are a few ruins that cause disappointment. In one instance, I came across a zombie filled section of ruins. Obviously, this was all told to me by one of my crew members in an amusing fashion, but there wasn’t any benefit to finding it besides a good chuckle that I’m aware of.

Some of the artifacts, however, give lore to the overall game. In your solar system, you can come across a ship that the Lexites left behind. If you have a certain material, you can power the dispatch up and make it part of your fleet. Earlier on, you will get out more about the lexites and earn the canon talked about previously. And these are just what you can find in your solar system.

Star Control

Star Control


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