Lineage 2: Revolution
How is the new MMO of Baklam mobile platform?

Lineage 2: Revolution finally came out. We have been writing, drawing andreviewing Netmarble's new game Lineage 2: Revolution for a long time. How is the new MMO of Baklam mobile platform? Over the years, the MMORPG market, whichhas turned its place to faster, more consumable and more popular types ofonline gaming, is now able to survive simply thanks to the support it providesfor older games of very large companies. We can not see much of the game ofthis kind that is slowly being buried in the soil by the companies. The gameswe see are more than just appealing to Asian players. The lineage series isactually much more durable than you think.

Lineage's first game, which laid the foundation of today's giant World of Warcraft on the MMORPG market, opened its doors to players on September 3, 1998. The first Lineage, which NCSoft has already produced, hasbecome a very popular production by every player. The second game of theseries, which had a fairly deep and fictional story over the years, met withplayers on October 1, Using the first version of the Unreal Engine, the gamerevolutionized MMORPG in graphical terms. Thanks to the animations and effects that have never been seen before, the mechanics of the game have made the players fall in love with themselves. In addition, the developers of the game together with the second game succeeded in putting the Lineage corpus into the universe in the sense of story.


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