Did World of Warcraft's New Add-on Pack Leak?

The World of Warcraft game, which has millions of playersall over the world, enters its 13th age after a month. World of Warcraft hasbeen able to win the world's most played game title ever since it hit themarket.

The Legion package that emerged in the past made it easier for World of Warcraft to reach the maximum player size. With the addition of World of Warcraft's new add-on package, the Legion package will be available.

New Attachment Pack  of World of Warcraft

In the past days, we can say that the 8.0.0 update fromWorld of Warcraft is the newest newsletter for the package. What will happen inthe new addition package of World of Warcraft?  Many of the World of Warcraft players aroundthe world think the new update will be about gods. However, some players thinkthat Naga characters will return. Blizzard did not anounce any informationabout the new package.

When will World of Warcraft's new package be released?

The new addition to World of Warcraft is expected to be released by Blizzard on 3 November 2017.

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