Developers To Offer More Freedom Than Expected in Ghost of Tsushima
Finally, inFamous:Second Son, Sucker Punch presents a nice game to the PlayStation 4, showing his new games during Paris Games Week, the day we left behind.

In Feudal Japan, the game we control for a samurai who is trying to survive against the Mogul occupation will be confronted as a secrecy game with openworld affairs. inFamous: Second The developers, who made the tasks in the openworld even wider with the end, stated that they will give more freedom to the players in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushimawill offer players unlimited freedom

Personally I have not found much inFamous: Second Son's open world stuff and detail enough. Openworld items are usually designed to use the special powers of our main character. In the hope of Ghost of Tsushima, we can encounter open worldelements supporting the secrecy items.


It is said that we will feel like a true samurai in the opinion that it is said to be very successful in terms of action. I am already wondering what the developers will show us in the main scenario based on historical events. The size of the open world map is also a matter of curiosity among players.


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