Aion Game Review
Aion is oneof the most popular free browser games lately. Aion, with hundreds of gamers,is constantly improving.

Aion is oneof the most popular free browser games lately. Aion, with hundreds of gamers,is constantly improving. New packages of the game are constantly being updated.The game has excellent graphics in terms of playability. We are reviewingversion 4.0 of Aion for you.

Game Principle

The theme ofAion, a free fantasy game, is God Aion's world. Aion created the world ofAtreia. The Asmodians and the Elyos have also created the peoples of Aion.There are world guards named Balaur in the game. These three nations arefighting to capture the world of Atreia.

Classes and Heroes

In the gameyou can choose one of 2 nationalities. The asmodians look like a hand. Elyosare like people. After you choose your nation, you have to choose your class.There are 6 character classes in Aion game. These 6 characters are Observer,Wizard, Priest, Warrior, Artist and Engineer. These 6 classes are divided into2 subclasses in time. For example, the lower classes of the warrior are thegladiator and the temple knight. Each class has its own talents.

Alliance System

In order tosucceed in the Aion game, you must use all the characters' abilities correctly.Timing during the war is very important. In addition,  Aion players can form groups that fighttogether. The right combinations and influences will bring you to the victory.

Aion's Graphic and Story

The detailsof Aion's bird's-eye and flight mode are perfectly designed. You are sure youwill be satisfied with the graphics of the game. Aion has a unique flight modein the game. There are also plenty of story and game missions available. Theauxiliary animals found in other games are also in Aion game.

Aion Game General Features

1- Aion isusing the Far Cry Graphics Engine. This engine significantly improves thegraphics of the game.

2- Excitinggame tasks and addictive stories are included.

3- When youare Level 10, you are now flying. You notice the quality flight mode in theballot.

4- Aion gamefull of action-packed battles await you.

5- There are6 different character classes in the Aion.

6- Aion isconstantly updated and new versions are added to the game.

Aion Review Result

For thosewho love multiplayer games, Aion is a perfect game. We wish good games.


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